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Accessing Your Windows Computer Using Duet When The Remote Computer Is Not Logged In
Can Duet affect my iPad or iPhone?
Can Duet be used as a 3rd or 4th display?
Can I use Duet as the only display for my Mac?
Can the Avast Antivirus software cause issues with Duet?
Conflictive third-party applications
Connect Your Android Device Via Cable
Connect Your Android Device wirelessly
Desktop to Desktop Support
Differences between Duet Air and Duet Pro
Do you support Touch Bar?
Does Duet work with Windows?
Does Duet work with multiple iPads?
Duet Fails to Install on Windows Because of Mandatory Prerequisites
Duet MacOS Ventura & Display Arrangements
Duet Over Thunderbolt
Duet Teams
Duet Windows Stylus Guide For Clip Studio Paint
Duet Windows Stylus Guide For Drawpile
Duet Windows Stylus Guide For Krita
Duet Windows Stylus Guide For Photoshop
Duet Windows Stylus Guide For ZBrush
Duet and browser extensions
Duet is installed and AirPlay isn't working with my Apple TV
Duet is set to mirror and I want to switch to extend desktop
Duet was running and I got logged out of my Mac
Getting Started: Android Support
Getting Started: Mac Support
Getting Started: Windows Support
Getting Started: iOS Support
How do I have a window span multiple monitors on macOS?
How do I position the Duet screen to the left, right, top, or bottom of my computer screen?
How do I quit Duet?
How do I set my iPad or Mac as the main display?
How do I set the orientation to portrait or landscape?
How do I uninstall Duet on Mac & PC?
How much CPU does Duet use?
How to enable network access for the Duet app in Windows 10 firewall settings
How to get set up with Duet Display
I have SLI graphics cards and Duet isn't working
Mirror PC with multiple GPUs help guide
My Mac is stuck on "Connect To Mac Or PC"
My Windows PC is stuck on "Connect To Mac Or PC"
My iPad or iPhone continuously connect and disconnect making a chiming sound
Nothing happens when I double click the Duet Mac app to install
OS X Alerts the Zip is Corrupt or Damaged
Recommended Wireless Networks
Reducing Touch Sensitivity with Ableton on Windows
Resolving Lag Issues with Duet on macOS Sonoma
Signing Up For Duet Air
Signing Up For Duet Pro
Supported macOS features – system requirements
Volume and Bulk Purchases
What connections does Duet make to the internet?
What hardware and software Does Duet Support?
What should I do when the iPad is stuck on Launching Duet?
What touch gestures can I use on my iPad or iPhone?
When I fullscreen an app on my Mac the other screens go black
When my Mac goes to sleep Duet disconnects
When using my Wacom tablet I'm not able to get the cursor to the Duet display
Where can I find Duet's updates and release notes?
Where does the name "Duet" come from?
Which cable do I use to connect?
Why did my transparency disappear when Duet connected?
Why is task switcher showing up on a different display?
Why you shouldn't waste your money on hardware portable USB monitors for your laptop
Windows Firewall
iOS: How much does Duet cost?
macOS 10.13.4 support
macOS 10.15 Catalina Support
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