When using my Wacom tablet I'm not able to get the cursor to the Duet display

A customer has reported to us that less recent driver 6.3.9W5 RC works with Duet for the whole Wacom series (Intuos 2013, Intuos Pro, Intuos5, Intuos4, Intuos3, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq 24HD touch, Cintiq 24HD, Cintiq 22HD, Cintiq 21UX, Cintiq 12WX, PL-2200 und PL-1600)

Therefore issues with the cursor showing up on Duet Display are caused by driver 6.3.10W2 RC and later

We've submitted a bug report to Wacom. If you want to downgrade your driver, you can download older driver versions from this site: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/Tablets/Wacom/

For Wacom Bamboo tablets, the driver version 5.3.5-4 should work correctly. This version can be found on Softpedia: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/Tablets/Wacom/Wacom-Bamboo-Pen-and-Touch-Tablet-Driver-5354-for-Mac-OS.shtml

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