Accessing Your Windows Computer Using Duet When The Remote Computer Is Not Logged In

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to connect into your remote computer because it was not logged in? You may have your computer set to automatically log out when it has been inactive for a period of time, or perhaps your computer rebooted itself due to an automatic update or power outage. The Duet Display application has a new feature that allows connecting to a computer that is not logged in.

Secure Remote Login

To enable this feature, go to settings and select “Enable Secure Remote Login’ on the computer you would like to connect to.

Once you select Enable Secure Remote Login you will see a message informing you to restart the Duet application for the change to take effect. Quit the Duet app by right clicking on the Duet icon in the system tray and select Quit Duet. When you restart the Duet app it will now have the ability to present the Windows logon screen when making a connection.

The Windows logon screen will only be displayed if you are not logged in on the Windows computer that you are connecting to. If you are already logged in you will see the Windows desktop. The Duet application will automatically log out of Windows when you disconnect if you were not logged in before the session started.

An additional benefit of this new feature is that you are now able to interact with Windows applications that require elevated privileges through UAC (User Account Control).

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode is an additional feature that is available once you have enabled Secure Remote Login. When Privacy Mode is active the computer’s screen that you have connected to will be blank while your Duet session is active. If someone is near the computer that you are connected to they will not be able to observe what you are working on. Once the session has ended the Privacy Mode screen blanking is disabled which will cause the remote display to be visible. Enabling privacy mode is done through settings. You must have Secure Remote Login enabled in order to enable Privacy Mode. If you have selected the check box to enable Secure Remote Login you will need to restart the Duet application before you can select Privacy Mode.

About Duet Display

Duet Display is a software based, high performance solution that turns any screen into a second display or drawing pad, or provides a lightning-fast remote desktop to connect your own device, mirror your display to your screen, or a simple way to connect to any device through code.  Duet Display works with all major platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.

Is Duet Display safe?

Yes, Duet Display uses256-bit end-to-end encryption, keeping your data and devices safe.

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