Can the Avast Antivirus software cause issues with Duet?

Unfortunately, yes.

Avast has added a firewall feature to the free version of their antivirus package. How does this affect Duet? The Avast firewall blocks many apps by default, including Duet. This can cause certain services Duet provides to not work as intended – such as our Remote Desktop feature.

What is the workaround? You can turn the Avast Firewall off(in the Avast app’s settings) so your PC uses the Windows Firewall instead, or you can manually add Duet to the Avast Firewall. We recommend the latter if you prefer using Avast’s Firewall.

Here’s how to add Duet (duet.exe) to the Avast Firewall.

1. Open the Avast Free Antivirus app on your PC. Go to the Protection tab and select the Firewall icon.

2. Select the three dots and click on Allow new app.

3. Locate and select the duet.exe. Once added, it should show Duet Display (when active) on the list of allowed apps.

If you continue to experience connection issues, please reach out to us at – we’re happy to help!

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