OS X Alerts the Zip is Corrupt or Damaged

Please read all the possible options below. If the issue is not solved, reach out to us at team@duetdisplay.com and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible!

Incomplete Download

You may not have completely finished downloading the installer. We code sign the file for security to ensure nothing has been altered when you install it. If this issue persists, please read below.

Admin Privileges

Gatekeeper has been known to have issues with launching apps outside of the App Store. Though we are an identified developer, there are cases where changing Gatekeeper to allow all apps has fixed this issue. Please go to System Preferences > Security > Select Allow Apps From Anywhere and try again.

Host Downtime

Our host (Box) may be down for scheduled maintenance or having an issue. If you still are getting a corrupt file, please e-mail us and we will send you the installer directly.

Third-party Unzippers

Third-party unzippers might corrupt the app itself and keep it from finishing the installation process – use the macOS' built-in zip tool instead, that should do the trick.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

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