Connect Android To PC Via Cable

While Duet allows you to connect through an extremely fast and performant wireless connection, you may want to connect via cable in certain situations. Here's how to do so:

1. Connect your device via cable to your PC

2. Enable "USB tethering" on your device – note, however, some devices don't have this option, so if that's the case, wired connection will not be possible for you.

   a. Go into your phone's settings (gear icon) and select "Connections" – you should         see this:

   b. Select "Mobile hotspot and tethering":

  c. If your phone is already connected to your PC via cable, you should see the   option "USB Tethering" available – just tap it once and it should toggle from OFF to ON:

3. Launch Duet on your device

4. Launch Duet on your PC

5. On your PC, select your device to connect from the "Advanced Settings" or "Device Detected" option:

6. Make sure "Allow Wifi Connections" is checked:

The connection via cable should be successful! Be mindful that, since the process involves tethering, your PC may end up using your phone's internet – disabling "Mobile data" should do the trick.

If by any chance you stumble upon any trouble, e-mail us to android@duetdisplay.com immediately – one of our specialists will help you.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

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