What touch gestures can I use on my iPad or iPhone?

Duet is more powerful than a regular external monitor because it comes with touch support, so you can interact with OS X or Windows directly with your fingers. Here are the current supported interactions:

Duet Air (in-app subscriptions – $48.00 USD) – compatible with iPads/iPhones only

- Left click: One-finger tap

- Right click: One-finger hold

- Zoom: Two-finger pinch

- Double click: One-finger double tap

- Scroll:

Mac: Two-finger pan

PC: One-finger pan

- Drag: One-finger pan

- Hover: Long press with one finger + drag with other finger or Apple Pencil

- Undo: Two-finger tap

- Redo: Three-finger tap

- Settings: Four-finger tap

- Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Toolbar – RDP extended only: 3-finger slide up/down to show/hide the RDP toolbar

Duet Pro (in-app subscriptions – $60.00 USD) – compatible with iPads only

- All Duet Display base app's gestures included

- Apple Pencil: Apple Pencil pressure & tilt control

More coming soon!

Please note touch is not supported on iPhone model 4S or older.

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