Connect Your Android Device wirelessly

Mac & PC

1. Make sure both your device and your computer are on the same Wi-Fi network

2. Launch Duet on your desktop and head to the Air tab – your device should show under "Discovered Devices"

3. From the Air tab on your PC, double-click on your device

The wireless connection should now be enabled! You'll be asked whether you want to auto-connect to this device in the future (connect as soon as the device is seen).

Note, however, the reliability of the connection will depend entirely on the stability of the Wi-Fi source itself. The saturation of the bandwidth can lead to lag, visual glitches or the complete inefficiency of the connection, which will prevent you from connecting.

Having trouble connecting?

1. Do you have firewall software enabled in your computer? If so, please add Duet as an allowed exception or completely disable it and try again

2. Are both your computer and mobile device connected to the same Wi-Fi network? If not, make sure to connect both to the same Wi-Fi source

3. Do you have a VPN enabled in your computer? If so, disable it and try again

4. Are you connected to a public Wi-Fi source? Public Wi-Fi sources will generally not be fast enough to support a second display, and if they are, the connection will not be reliable. This also applies for restricted Wi-Fi sources, such as the ones used in offices/corporations – these networks usually have security settings that block out the protocols Duet uses to connect. A possible workaround is enabling the laptop's hotspot and connecting the mobile device to it

If you're still having trouble, please e-mail us to immediately – one of our specialists will be happy to help out.

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