As many of you may know, Apple recently decided to sunset Back To My Mac, a popular way to log in to your Mac and access your desktop computer. Though there were many obvious signs (such as Apple not updating the product many years), we at Duet found this very unfortunate as many users (including us) relied on this technology. After some brainstorming, we realized much of the research and development at Duet was focused in the same area, and in many cases was already superior to current remote desktop products. This is why two years ago we began building Duet Air, the fastest and next generation way to remote desktop in to your computer from any iOS device, Mac, or PC.

What Is Duet Air?

Duet Air is the popular upgrade for Duet Display that turns your devices into a wireless second display, mirror, or remote desktop from anywhere in the world. Now a two year old product, the Duet team has been hard at work continuously improving since its launch in 2017. Over the years, we have reduced latency by 80% and battery consumption by 40%, working hard to ensure product works in all environments, including corporate networks with firewalls or hotels & coffee shops. Just last year, we added the ability to use your desktops as a second display for each other (read more here).

Duet is the perfect product for remote workers or people on the go. People often have multiple devices with them (an iPad, a desktop for personal use, a desktop for company use), but we are the most comprehensive and lowest latency product that allows you to use these hardware products together across platforms in so many ways.


  • Use your Mac, PC, or iOS device as a remote display from anywhere in the world
  • Use your Mac as a second display for either Mac or PC
  • Use your PC as a second display for either Mac or PC
  • Use either keyboard or trackpad
  • Lightning fast Duet algorithms to provide real time responsiveness
  • Completely wireless
  • State of the art encryption between products
  • And many more coming...


  • Any Mac on macOS 10.14.6+
  • Any PC on Windows 10+

How To Get Started

We have written a comprehensive guide on how to get started here. If you'd like to learn more about the product, download the latest versions of our software, get them at Duet Air. And if you have any suggestions for new features for our products, please e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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