Duet is the first and most popular way to turn your iPad into a second display for your Mac or PC. As an engineering company, we believe in building software and technology that empowers users to work with their devices in new and innovative ways. As the fastest solution for a second display, we wanted to apply our state of the art solution to new arenas: using your Mac or PC as a second display. This has been the most requested feature over the years, and we were excited to announce the launch of this new product in Duet Air 2.0.

If you already have heard about the functionality and want to use it, get it here now. Otherwise, read below to learn more!

Remember Target Display Mode?

Long ago, Apple supported using an iMac as a second display, but this feature is now deprecated. Duet Air wanted to build upon and surpass that by supporting more than just iMacs and more than just macOS. We built our solution to be cross platform from the beginning, allowing either platform to connect with each other. As some people require one type of computer at work and another at home, we wanted to build a solution that allowed people to use their hardware together, even if they were different platforms.

Duet Air is excited to be the only way to use a laptop or desktop as a second display *across platforms*. Our solution is completely wireless, and built for real time usage. This means zero latency on modern networks - simply select which computer you want to extend to the other and be more productive!


  • Use your Mac as a second display for either Mac or PC
  • Use your PC as a second display for either Mac or PC
  • Use either keyboard or trackpad
  • Lightning fast Duet algorithms to provide real time responsiveness
  • Completely wireless


  • Any Mac on macOS 10.14.6+
  • Any PC on Windows 10+

How To Get Started

We have written a comprehensive guide on how to get started here. If you'd like to learn more about the product, download the latest versions of our software, get them at Duet Air.

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