My Apple Pencil Is Not Working

If your Apple Pencil is unresponsive on your iPad in any of your apps, it is most likely out of battery. Depending on your model, you can charge your Apple Pencil in two ways:

  • Apple Pencil 1: Take the cap off of your Pencil and plug it into the charging port of your iPad
  • Apple Pencil 2: Place it on the side of your iPad, where it will magnetically attach and charge automatically

Your Apple Pencil should be ready to use in a few minutes. Please make sure Bluetooth is on for your iPad.

If you still cannot use your Apple Pencil, you may need to repair the Apple Pencil to your iPad. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Fully charge your Apple Pencil
  • Unpair the Apple Pencil from your iPad: open the Bluetooth settings on your iPad, and remove the Apple Pencil by tapping 'Forget This Device'
  • Plug your Apple Pencil in to your iPad by plugging it into the charging port of the device, and ensuring Bluetooth is enabled
  • Once paired, try to use it with your iPad again.

Once paired, you can now use the Apple Pencil with Duet, which turns your device into a high performance drawing tablet, extended display, or Remote Desktop. Learn more here!

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