The morning sun hides behind the rocky hills of Guanajuato along the lone road into town. A deep blue sky is quickly disappearing and we'll be meeting Mauricio just as magic hour begins. Daybreak's golden sky is precious for a photographer, so we quietly trail Mauricio as he explores the city's colorful streets and winding pathways with camera in hand. He calmly scans through alleys, squares and shops to find his perfect composition.

When something catches his eye, he pauses transfixed and a gleam signals the rise of his camera. A cactus and it's shadow against pink stucco, a collection of canvas bags holding different textures of beans and produce, no detail goes unnoticed. Each time his camera hovers for only a few moments before he lowers it to begin again, in pursuit of the next picture.

The city around us lazily rises. The people drip into the streets slowly as the shops' large wooden doors swing open. Mauricio has already captured a hundred photos and doesn't break pace as the commotion surrounds him. Each time he raises his camera he's lost inside his viewfinder, deep in focus.

I notice Mauricio's style shift along his journey. With a casual gait he'll explore his surroundings capturing serendipitous moments. Other times he's created an image in his mind and he sets out on a mission. To be in the perfect place, with the best light and space. To make the vision a reality.

They almost appear to be different photographers, the observer and the visionary. Mauricio is aware of these different inner drives and talks about what it means to him. "The less planned those pictures are, the more intimate I guess they are."

"I try to strip everything out of the picture" he says, describing his signature minimal aesthetic. A style that has garnered him acclaim on Instagram and a large following. He talks about how important negative space is in his work, that his compositions don't just rely on what's in the picture but in what's excluded. Mauricio relentlessly pursues simplicity in each photograph but this only occurs through careful thought and deliberation.

While Mauricio maintains principles of simplicity, minimalism and color in all his work, he's constantly evolving. "My style changes unconsciously, I may not even realize it." He says as he browses his past work, "At the moment I don't think I'm changing, it just happens naturally."

"Even if I take a random picture, my eye has evolved. If you produce a lot of work you're gonna keep evolving"

"You do have to challenge yourself, you do have to go out of your comfort zone." In spite of his current success, Mauricio isn't content. He stresses the importance of learning the fundamentals of design and the philosophy of the practice to make his work better. He peers ahead to where he wants to go, "There's a long road ahead of me

"Creativity for me is something that breaks the standard for whatever is expected. Creativity is finding a new solution to the problem." He says, "That's where my philosophy comes from, take away everything I don't need out of the picture and strip it down to the bare minimum. So when I see myself reflected in my work, I know I've succeeded."

"If you're passionate about what you do, you're not going to copy anyone. You're going to be authentic."

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