Why Use A Teleprompter?

To put it simply, eye contact. When using video, you want to look directly at the person you are speaking to. This helps connect with your audience through technology, instead of letting it create a barrier between you. Youtubers, podcasters, creators, newsrooms, remote companies on Zoom, and event organizers often use a teleprompter so they can look directly at the camera instead of slightly away. This helps create a closer connection that feels in-person, even though they are far away.

However, a teleprompter flips the image, so any text will be unreadable, and images or video will be disorienting. Duet users have requested this feature over the years, and we worked with as many as we could to fine-tune the experience and make it completely cross platform. We are happy to announce you can now enable 'Teleprompter Mode' in our Duet Air app, which will allow you to flip the screen through a teleprompter and create a natural experience.

What Teleprompters Does Duet Support?

In short, all of them! Our users have often recommended the Glide Gear TMP 100 and the Padcaster. If you already have a teleprompter, make sure to get the Duet Air desktop app and iOS app today and you can enable Teleprompter Mode through the settings tab. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at air@duetdisplay.com and we can help get you started right away!

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