We are excited to announce big changes to our app today. As Duet has become a more sophisticated product targeting professional customers, we are moving our product to a subscription business model. Over the years, we have maintained a dual pricing model, which includes a one-time purchase for personal use and an upgraded Pro tier, that includes features for power users, such as using your device as a drawing tablet and/or using any device as a high performance Remote Desktop or wireless second display. However, users have increasingly become confused about the differences, and we want to simplify our offerings going forward.

Starting today, Duet Display will become free to download, and include a free tier for for short periods of time for non-commercial use. This will allow users to get an idea of how the product works, and integrate into their workflow for occasional use. 

We will then offer two upgraded tiers, Duet Air and Duet Pro, for commercial use and expanded functionality. People have been integrating Duet into their workflow, using the product for hours every day multiple times a week, and we are building these offerings for them. These subscription tiers allow us to invest in professional-grade performance, reliability, and keep building out new features in the product.

All existing users who purchased Duet Display as a one-time purchase will continue to have their full access to the wired functionality for personal use going forward. New users will be able to try to the product in their workflow, and upgrade to the subscription tiers if they begin to use the product more often or would like more functionality.

For the remainder of the month, we will be offering a discount of 15% for any users that sign up on our website for our new subscription plans here: https://account.duetdisplay.com/plans

We are looking forward to building Duet to be an even better product for your workflow!

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